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Images and the OS X Color Picker

OS X’s Color Picker panel has been around for an eternity and is jam packed full of great features. One of my favourites is the ability to sample colours from images.


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Experimenting with linked Smart Objects

Adobe have released Photoshop CC 14.2, which adds the ability for Smart Objects to be stored externally, and linked to a document.


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Photoshop Actions & Workflows

Over the last few years I’ve built a set of Actions that I use daily. They save a bit of time, but more importantly, they remove the need to remember best practices for each step.


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Extracting colours with alpha

Sampling a colour from an image is easy — open it in Photoshop, choose the Eyedropper tool, and click the target pixel. Sampling a non-opaque colour that’s been flattened onto a background is harder, but not impossible.



Images and the OS X Color Picker

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