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I’ve been using a template as the starting point for icon, symbol, and glyph work for quite some time. The template is incredibly simple — Greyprint is just a bunch of white boxes and some pre-made styles to help speed up working.

macOS toolbar and button


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Batch processing with Generator

Photoshop is pretty good at batch processing images. Typically, the job is handled by creating an action that is played after opening files, using the batch command. Here’s another way to do it that’s often quicker and more interactive.


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Using blend if for masking

I’m a big fan of exceptionally clean production documents and exceptionally scrappy mockup documents (yes, I keep those tasks separate). Being scrappy frees you to use unconventional, but faster, methods.


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Interaction density

Professional apps are often “pro”, because they offer quick access to many abilities. A wide and tall interface, with common actions immediately available. Visually daunting for newcomers, but fast for those who rely on them.


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1px is not enough

The image below tells an interesting story. It is only a small interface fragment, but with careful inspection, so much can be known about it.

macOS toolbar and button


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My icon design workflow

Here’s some tips for creating icons — anything from a single colour pictogram to a highly detailed app icon.




PNG optimisation

Design debugging

Interaction density

1px is not enough

Why I don’t use PDFs for iOS assets

Creating palettes with adjustment layers


Images and the OS X Color Picker

My app design workflow

My icon design workflow

Extracting colours with alpha

Device pixel density tests

Using Soulver for design

App Store description previewer

Just like print design

Using algebra to create paths

Sub-pixel text rendering

Pixels per inch is just a tag

Everything is a grid

Designing for Retina display

Designing for Retina display, part two


Why Skala won’t have artboards

Skala progress, December 2014


Batch processing with Generator

Using blend if for masking

Magic tricks

Photoshop CC 2015 improvements

Photoshop’s gradient positioning

Adobe MAX 2014

Blend if

Photoshop Actions & Workflows

Colour management and UI design

2014: Smart Objects and Layer Comps

Gradient maps

Strokes in Photoshop CS6

Text in Photoshop CS6

Masking in Photoshop CS6

Vector shapes in Photoshop CS6

Layer tags

Smart Objects

Linked Smart Objects

Exporting from Photoshop

Pixel perfect rotation

Pixel perfect vector pasting

Pixel perfect vector nudging


Photoshop CS6 improvements

Scale Patterns to 100% script

Illustrator and app design

How many layers are in my PSD?

Really old

Dissecting iTunes and App Store links

What if iChat was one window?

A new Drobo Dashboard icon

Photoshop CS6 wish list

What to do with all those extra pixels?

Noise and textures

Photoshop roundrect roundup

PNG compression and iOS apps