Batch processing with Generator

Photoshop is pretty good at batch processing images. Typically, the job is handled by creating an action that is played after opening files, using the batch command. Here’s another way to do it that’s often quicker and more interactive.

Start by running Load Files into Stack from the Scripts menu. Load Files into Stack creates a new document that contains all selected images as separate layers. The file name is used as the layer name.

Click Browse, select all your images, then click OK. Importing the images is a fairly slow process, and it’s prone to fail if you throw too much at it. But, for smaller jobs, it’s quicker than the alternatives.

It is now possible to make document wide changes, like cropping or scaling. It is also possible to add adjustment layers to the top of the layer stack — these will be applied to all the images when exported with Generator.

Save the document, then turn on Generator for Image Assets from the File menu.

Because Load Files into Stack named all the layers with their file format extension preserved, Generator will create a new image for each layer, using the original file format. They’ll be placed in a folder alongside your Photoshop document.

And, that’s it.

It’s a great way to batch process 10s of images, without having to create an action. If you need to process 100s of images, this method isn’t ideal, due to slow importing.

Load Files into Stack is also a great way to import short animations that have been rendered as sequence of image files.

Published 20 July 2016.