Adobe MAX 2014

Big scary room

It was an honour to be invited to speak at Adobe MAX this year. One of my sessions was recorded, and the video is now available to watch.

Video: Creating Mobile Designs That Scale

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Video notes #

The audio is pretty quiet. Sorry.

I said Photoshop CC 2012 a few times when discussing live shapes. I meant Photoshop CC 2014.

The other talk I reference is also now online: Photoshop for Stateful and Collaborative Design

The first question at the end of the presentation was “what are you using to highlight the area around the mouse pointer?”. I’m using Mouseposé by Boinx Software. Mouseposé is a great way to show mouse position, clicks and keyboard shortcuts when presenting. I also used Countdown by BitBit to ensure I stayed on time. And, the presentation was run using Keynote.

The second question was “can you please show the URL for the downloads again?”, which is the page you’re reading now.

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Published 6 October 2014.