iStat Server for Mac

iStat Server for Mac requires macOS 10.8+. The iStat Server app does not need to be open — iStat Server will continue to run in the background.

Connecting via Bonjour #

Connecting via Bonjour lets you monitor a Mac on the same local network.

Connecting via TCP/IP #

Connecting via TCP/IP lets you monitor a Mac from anywhere in the internet.

Please note that most problems with TCP/IP iStat monitoring occur because the router or firewall haven’t been configured properly. It is beyond the scope of our help documentation to assist setting up your router — please refer to the documentation that came with your router.

Passcode #

The passcode is the 5 digit number displayed in the middle of the iStat Server window. This is needed when connecting to your Mac or Mac server — iStat View for iOS will ask for this number.

New Passcode #

Clicking New Passcode will create a new passcode. Please note that this will not reset previous authorizations and iOS devices that have previously connected to iStat Server won’t need to enter the new passcode. If you’d like to reset authorizations as well, then click Reset Authorizations.

Lock Passcode #

Clicking Lock Passcode will change the passcode display to dashes, making it unviewable until it’s unlocked again.

Reset Authorizations #

Clicking Reset Authorizations resets all authorizations, meaning any iOS devices that try to connect will need to re-enter the passcode.

Show Log #

Clicking Show Log will open the connection log, allowing you to see information about the previous connections and connection attempts to iStat Server.

Changing port #

To change the port iStat Server uses, choose File → Change Port.

Uninstalling iStat Server #

To uninstall, choose Uninstall from the iStat Server menu while running iStat Server.