iStat Server for Windows

iStat Server for Windows requires .NET 4.5 Framework. After installing iStat Server, you can open it from the Start menu or by searching for it, to see the passcode and make changes. The iStat Server app does not need to be open — iStat Server uses a windows service which runs in the background.

Bonjour #

iStat Server for Windows can connect via Bonjour. Please install Bonjour Print Services for Windows if you’d like to use Bonjour to connect.

Troubleshooting #

If iStat Server is showing blank information in all the fields, there may be issues with the iStat Server service. To check that the iStat Server service is running, open Services from the Start Menu.

It should appear as iStat Server under the list of running services.

Event Viewer #

The Windows Event Viewer contains detailed logging to help track down problems.

Open Event Viewer by clicking the Start button, Control Panel, System and Maintenance, Administrative Tools, then double-clicking Event Viewer. Or, by searching for Event Viewer from the Start menu. There is an iStat Server log under Applications and Services Logs.