Getting started with iStat Menus

Thanks for spending some time to get more familiar with iStat Menus. iStat Menus is set of eight separate and highly configurable menu extras that let you know exactly what’s going on inside your Mac.

Enabling and disabling menu extras #

Each menu extra can be enabled or disabled separately. This allows you to use any combination of menu extras you desire, in any order you desire.

If you’re not seeing any of iStat Menu’s menu extras, it’s likely you don’t have any enabled. To enable a menu extra, open iStat Menus and check the large switch next to the extra you’d like turned on.

Reordering menu extras #

Menu extras can be reordered by holding down the Command key and dragging the icon in your Mac’s menubar to reorder (the one at the top of your screen). Dragging a menu extra out of the menubar will remove it. This works for some third party menu items and all Apple menu items.

Changing the layout and design #

Most of the menu extras have several different items within them that can be shown or hidden. For example, the CPU extra can show a pie chart, a graph, a history graph, a percentage as text and a “CPU” label.

To add items, drag them from the available items area to the active items area. To remove items, drag them from active items area to available items area.

Some items also have options. Simply click on the item to view them. Clicking on the item again will hide them.