Known issues

GPU shows 100% memory usage #

macOS 10.8 introduced changes for some AMD graphics cards that means memory usage isn’t reported correctly. At this point we believe it is a driver issue and one we can’t fix at our end, unfortunately.

Missing menubar items #

The sensors shown in the menubar are determined by the Menubar Sensors area under the Sensors tab. If this is blank, nothing will show. To add a sensor to the Menubar Sensors area, drag a token from the section below. The same is true of disks — the disks shown in the menubar are determined by the Menubar Disks area under the Disks tab.

Drag a token to Menubar Sensors or Menubar Disks to choose which sensors and disks are shown in the menubar.

A note about free space #

If you’re using Time Machine, and if your Time Machine drive isn’t connected, macOS 10.7 Lion creates local backups on your startup volume. The Finder doesn’t report this space as used, but Disk Utility and iStat Menus do. For more information, please read this article by Roberto Valerio.

That’s why the Finder and iStat Menus show a different value for drive free space.