Using Combined

Combined mode lets you combine multiple iStat Menus items into a single status item. You can choose which items are shown in the menubar and which are shown in a combined dropdown, allowing you to save space in the menubar while still having access to all the information in the dropdown.

Adding items #

To add an item to the Combined menubar, simply drag it from Available Items to Menubar Items. To add an item to the Combined dropdown menu, simply drag it from Available Items to Dropdown Items. It’s possible to have an item appear in the menubar, dropdown menu or both. If you’d like it in both, add it to both! The items will appear in the order you arrange them.

Please note that items added to the Combined extra will only appear in the Combined extra (their normal item will be hidden). Also, the giant switch on the Combined tab needs to be turned on for the Combined to show, just like all the other extras.


Removing items #

To remove a menubar or dropdown item from Combined, drag it from Menubar Items or Dropdown Items to Available Items.