CPU cores and Hyper-threading #

Most new CPUs from Intel, sport a technology called Hyper-threading which allows two threads to run simultaneously on each core. macOS presents this as 2 virtual cores per actual core, meaning a 4 core CPU will appear as 8 cores. So it’s normal for some Macs to appear to have twice as many cores in iStat and other system monitoring apps.

iStat Menus can combine virtual cores using Hide Hyper-Threading Cores under the CPU & GPU tab.

Active GPU #

The CPU & GPU menu item can display which GPU is active. This is handy, because some Macs have more than one GPU. The active GPU represented by a single letter — if an “N” is displayed, that means the nVidia GPU is being used. Here’s a full list of the possibilities (what’s shown will depend on your Mac model):

We include integrated and discrete as well as ATi and nVidia, because in some cases, the integrated and discrete GPU comes from the same manufacturer.

To see the active GPU in your menubar, drag the N icon into Active Items on the CPU & GPU tab in iStat Menus.