Domains contacted by iStat Menus

iStat Menus contacts some domains under normal operation. If you have any questions about network requests made by iStat Menus that are not covered below, please feel free to get in touch.

Weather #

The Weather status item may contact any of the following domains:,,,

Update checker #

Our update check (“is there a new version available?”) may contact any of the following domains:,,

Paddle #

Purchases are done via Paddle, and we also request localised prices prior to purchase, from These requests may show up as one of Paddle’s other domain names in some firewalls and tools.

Network status #

If you’re using the internet status feature in iStat Menus, that’s facilitated by pinging any of the following addresses:,, or You can also set a custom address, starting from iStat Menus 6.3.

The public IP feature in the network status item uses

Firewalls #

If you are using a firewall, we recommend allowing access to the following root domains:,,, and