Global settings

The global tab controls the overall theme, colours and some additional settings for iStat Menus.

The global tab in iStat Menus

The menubar color controls the color used for the bar graph, history graph, pie graph and other menubar elements.

Please note that colours cam be overriden for each item, via the settings in their respective tab (this can be used to show colours for the different types of memory etc).

The menubar bar graphs, history graphs, and other graphs have a border around them by default. The menubar borders slider can be used to control the opacity of those borders. If you’d like to remove the borders completely, set the slider all the way to the left.

The dropdowns colour controls the background colour used for the dropdown menus. The dropdown graphs colour controls the background shown behind dropdown graphs.

Style light and dark menu bar modes separately #

If you’d like to style iStat Menus differently for the light and dark macOS theme, please turn on “Style light and dark menu bar modes separately”.

Update frequency #

The update frequency controls how frequenty iStat Menus updates various stats. A quicker update frequency samples stats more reguarly. A slower update frequency uses slightly less resources.