Menu bar items not showing

On smaller screens, and in situations where there’s a lot of menu bar items, macOS may hide some items. This is because the menu bar is full, and can not fit other items. In this situation, iStat Menus is running perfectly, but hidden from view.

Removing unneeded items #

Most system menu bar items can be removed. If you don’t want to see an item, holding command (⌘) and dragging it out of your menu bar should remove it. If you ever need to re-add the item, there’s typically a check box in the related System Preferences pref pane. For example, the volume item can be restored by turning on “Show volume in menu bar” in the Sound preferences.

Most third party apps that have menu bar items can also optionally hide the items.

Hold command and drag items out of the macOS menu bar

Analog system time #

The macOS system clock can be set to display as an analog clock, which saves a bit of space, and is a great option if you’d like to use the iStat Menus time item.

Dock & Menu Bar System Preferences in macOS

Removing labels #

The menu bar items in iStat Menus are incredibly configurable, and can be very compact, if that’s how you’d like them. Labels can also be removed. This can help keep iStat Menus tiny on smaller screens.

Drag labels out to remove them

Combined mode #

iStat Menus can combine any or all of its items into a single menu bar item. You can choose which items are shown in the menubar and which are shown in a combined dropdown, allowing you to save space in the menubar while still having access to all the information in the dropdown.

For more information, please see our Using Combined help page.

Bartender #

If you’d like to keep items in your menu bar, but consolidate them under a single icon, Bartender is a great app for doing just that.