Installing and uninstalling iStat Menus

Instructions for the web download version of iStat Menus can be found below. For help uninstalling the Mac App Store version, please read our Uninstalling iStat Menus (Mac App Store version) article.

Installing iStat Menus

To install iStat Menus, download the ZIP archive from the iStat Menus product page. Once it has downloaded, double-click the ZIP file to unarchive it, if required. An icon called “iStat Menus” should appear. Double-click the icon to run the app and follow any prompts to install iStat Menus’ additional components.

Uninstalling iStat Menus

To uninstall iStat Menus, please choose iStat Menus › Uninstall from the menubar, then click Uninstall. This works, even if your trial period is over.

Reinstalling iStat Menus

Reinstalling iStat Menus may help fix some problems. To reinstall iStat Menus, please choose iStat Menus › Reinstall from the menubar.