Known issues

iMac Pro fan control

Fan control on iMac Pros is not possible currently. Our testing has led us to believe that it is not possible without disabling macOS’s built in thermal safety measures.

Missing Notification Center widget

Some customers have noticed the iStat Menus widget is missing, and can not be added to Notification Center. This Stack Exchange response may provide a solution:

Missing menubar items

The sensors shown in the menubar are determined by the “Sensors to show in menubar” area in the Sensors tab. If this is blank, nothing will show. To add a sensor to the Menubar Sensors area, drag a token from the section below.

Disks and batteries work the same way — what’s shown in the menubar is determined by the “Disks to show in menubar” and “Batteries to show in menubar” areas. Drag a token into those areas to choose which disks and batteries are shown in the menubar.