Menubar clock format examples

The menubar clock and world clocks in iStat Menus are highly customisable. All relatively normal clock formats are possible, as are some wildly different formats. To edit the menubar clock, click its corresponding Edit button to open the Edit Menubar Clock sheet.

Adding items to the clock format is easy — just drag a token into the token field. To delete a token, click on it in the token field and press delete on your keyboard.

The example below shows the tokens required for a standard 12-hour clock with the day of the week, hours, minutes and an AM or PM indicator.

It’s also possible to show a mini calendar with the current day of the month, and a 24-hour clock with hours, minutes and seconds. To add the “:” character, just type it into the token field. This works for spaces and other characters, too.

Below is an example with some static text added to the token field, the current day, month and day number, as well as a fuzzy clock.

Multiple clocks #

iStat Menus’ menubar item can show multiple clocks for different cities. This can be done by stacking clocks on top of each other, by showing clocks side by side, or both.

To show stacked clocks, change the popup button from “1 Line” to “2 Lines”. The token field will now be split into two, and each line can be configured separately.

Clicking + will add another row, which corrisponds to a separate horizontal item in iStat Menus’ menubar — this is for placing clocks side by side.

It’s also possible to use multiple stacked items side by side.

Emoji, flags and other characters #

You can use emoji to add country flags and other icons to your menubar. To do this, choose Emoji & Symbols from the Edit menu, or press ⌃⌘space.