Weather data sources #

iStat Menus uses The Weather Channel, Dark Sky, AccuWeather, and WillyWeather for weather data. You can choose the provider you’d like from within iStat Menus. We set a sensible default, based on your location. Please note that WillyWeather is a service that provides BoM data for Australia. All the providers are premium weather services with high quality data. There are some subtle differences across the different sources, and which features they support.

Why is this a paid feature? #

We want to provide the best weather data we can. The services we use charge us ongoing fees to provide data, based on usage. This makes it very difficult to include an infinite amount of weather data as part of the main app price. Doing so would have meant increasing the price of iStat Menus to cover the average usage. We do provide some free weather data as part of purchase price though (typically many months).

After that period, you’ll need to purchase one of the data packs from within iStat Menus to continue viewing weather information. The data packs start from USD$2.49 (plus local taxes) for 12 months. Data packs can be purchased from within iStat Menus, under the Weather tab.

If you purchase a data pack with the same interval as you’re currently using, it will extend the amount of time. If you purchase a data pack with a different interval as you’re currently using, it will replace the amount of time.

No subscriptions #

All of our data packs are one-off purchases. iStat Menus does not use any kind of auto-renewal, and there is no commitment to buying in the future.

Support for other data sources #

We will consider adding other sources in the future. Please note that we need to ensure new providers have the data required, allow commercial use, and meet our technical requirements.

We try to use the most accurate data for each location. Different data sources may show different information — that doesn’t necessarily mean one is wrong. Weather forecasts are not an exact science, and each provider has different ways of calculating their data. Some days one provider may be more accurate, but on other days another one may be.