Help with Skala Color

Skala Color is an extraordinary color picker for designers and developers.

Skala Color is a standard macOS color picker, and is accessible from within most Mac applications. After installing, please quit and reopen any apps you’d like to use with Skala Color.

For example, to use Skala Color in TextEdit, open up TextEdit, then press ⇧⌘C or choose Format → Font → Show Colors. This will open the system color picker. Skala Color will be the last tab (or near the last tab).

Skala Color also works well in Sketch, and other apps.

Saturation and brightness #

To change saturation and brightness, drag the color sample circle around the large area near the top of the picker. For increased precision, the picker’s window can be made larger.

Hue can also be changed by clicking or clicking and dragging on the outer edge of the color sample circle. This is a great way to choose a hue when the angle you’re after is near 360º — because the hue ring is a circle, you can smoothly transition from pink to red to orange without stopping.

Hue and opacity sliders #

To change hue, drag the hue slider left and right.

A 4× precision area will open up as you drag. For increased accuracy, move up into the higher precision area.

The opacity slider works in a similar way, giving incredible accuracy, even when Skala Color’s window is narrow. Please note that the host application will determine if the opacity slider is visible.

Buttons and clipboard abilities #

Skala Color recognises colors on the clipboard in many formats. If a color is recognised, it’ll appear as a swatch that can be clicked. We’ve also provided swatches for black and white, because they’re used so frequently.

Buttons, from left to right:

  • Set a pleasant, semi-random colour.
  • Set the colour to black.
  • Set the colour to white.
  • If there’s a recognised colour on the clipboard, it’ll appear here. Click to set to that colour.

Skala Color can also copy colors to the clipboard. To copy the current color in the selected format, click the copy button.

To copy in a different format, either change the format, or use the Copy As menu.