Known issues

macOS High Sierra #

Skala Color does not appear in the system color panel on macOS High Sierra. We are working on a new version to fix this issue, but you can manually move the color picker from the user Library folder to the Library folder that is at the root of your system disk, if you’d like to use it before we release a fixed update.

Move this file: ~/Library/ColorPickers/SkalaColor.colorPicker

To here: /Library/ColorPickers/SkalaColor.colorPicker

Xcode 8 and 9 #

Skala Color does not appear in Xcode 8 or Xcode 9. At this point, we believe it is not possible to use third party color pickers in Xcode.

Opacity slider not showing #

The host application determines if the opacity slider is shown or not. We have no control over this. That’s ok though — there’s many situations where having control over opacity wouldn’t make sense.

Two opacity sliders #

We don’t believe that it is possible to remove the system-provided opacity slider at the bottom of the picker. We decided to include Skala Color’s amazing 4× precision opacity slider anyway.

You’re welcome to use either, but it is possible that we will think less of you if you don’t use ours.

Skala Color and Photoshop #

When using Skala Color or any macOS color pickers in Photoshop, editing colors isn’t live — you have to click OK to see the results. This is due to the way macOS color pickers are implmented in Photoshop.

Can Skala Color run on macOS 10.7 and ealier? #

No. Sorry. This is unlikely to change. macOS 10.10 is a free upgrade that works on most recent-ish Macs.

“Sorry, couldn’t check for updates” #

If you see “Sorry, couldn’t check for updates” when you try to check for updates, and you know you have an internet connection, it’s very likely that the app you’re using Skala Color in is sandboxed, and has blocked networking. There’s not much we can do about that.

However, if you open Skala Color in a different app, you may be able to check. Or, you can just visit the Skala Color page to see if there’s a newer version.