Skala Preview and Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer has the ability to not only export images using slices, but it can re-export images as your document changes, using a feature called continuous export. To enable continuous export, click “Export Selected” while in the export persona, then turn on the “Continuous” check box.

Changes made to the document will now be reflected in exported files, just after those changes have been made.

This is helpful when working with Skala Preview, because Skala Preview re-sends every time a file is updated. To set up automated previews with Skala Preview and Affinity Designer:

  • Set up a slice for the artboard or element you’d like to preview.
  • Export the slice as a file.
  • Turn on continuous export.
  • Drag the file to Skala Preview.

Changes made in Affinity Designer will now be reflected in Skala Preview and Skala View.