Wi-Fi networking

Before consulting the advice below, please ensure you’re running the latest versions of Skala Preview and Skala View.

Apple recommends specific router settings to achieve the best performance, security, and reliability for iOS devices. Please ensure your router is set up accordingly.

iOS: Recommended settings for Wi-Fi routers and access points

Remote Connection settings #

If you’re using Skala Preview with Photoshop and Remote Connection, please double check Remote Connection is enabled and that the settings in Photoshop and Skala Preview are correct.

Creating an ad hoc network #

Creating an ad hoc network is a good way to test things, but also a handy way to work if you’re using a laptop and aren’t near a Wi-Fi network you can use. To create an ad hoc network, choose Create Network from the AirPort status icon in the menu bar.

You’ll then need to connect your iPad, iPod or iPhone to the new network you created. This connects to your Mac directly — you’ll lose the ability to use the internet on both devices, but the network will be quicker and is less likely to have issues.

macOS Firewall #

If macOS’s Firewall is turned on, and not configured to allow Skala Preview to send and receive, then Skala Preview can not function. It’s also possible you may have other software or hardware firewalls that will need to be or set up to allow Skala Preview to communicate with Skala View.