Frequently asked questions

Can Skala Preview send via USB? #

Yes, but only for iOS devices currently. Plug your iOS device into your Mac and open Skala Preview and Skala View to connect.

Colours from Photoshop don’t match my final app — what gives? #

Please set up Photoshop according to this article and everything will be fine: Colour management and UI design.

Why does sending PSD files result in an all white image? #

In Photoshop, if Maximize PSD and PSB File Compatibility is set to Always (under File Handling in Preferences), then Photoshop will generate a composite image of your document when it is saved. This is used by macOS in QuickLook and other apps, including Skala Preview.

However, if Image Previews is set to Never Save, then your PSDs will not contain previews and they won’t be able to be viewed by QuickLook, Preview, TextEdit or other macOS apps, including Skala Preview. This is a macOS and PSD thing, not a Skala Preview thing.

For the setting to take effect, you may have to save your document to a new location with Save As, rather than just using Save.

Saving image previews will make your PSDs bigger. Choose wisely.

Why are transparent areas of images sent via Photoshop white? #

Photoshop sends transparent areas as white. Adding filled colour bottom layer to your document is a good workaround.

I can’t get Skala Preview and Skala View to connect #

Skala Preview and Skala View connect via Bonjour. This means they both have be on the same Wi-Fi network. For home networks, this is usually quite easy to set up. For more complex networks, it may be more difficult. Please note that we probably can’t be too much assistance with your home or office network. We’ll try, but it’s a bit out of scope for what we can help with via email or Twitter.

Can Skala Preview work without a Wi-Fi network? #

If you’re using an iOS device, you can connect a USB cable and Skala Preview will send via USB. This even works when your iOS device is in Airplane mode.

Alternatively, you can create your own Wi-Fi network, simply by choosing Create a Network from the AirPort menu on your Mac: Creating a computer-to-computer network

Is Skala Preview available for Windows? #

No. Sorry.

What are iOS sized images? #

We consider iOS sized images to be full screen iPhone, iPod or iPad images in either portrait or landscape at either the Retina display or non-Retina display sizes. Or, any of the icon sizes typically used for iOS projects.

Can I hide Skala Preview? #

Sure can. Skala Preview doesn’t need to be seen to keep working. Pressing ⌘H or choosing Hide Skala Preview from the Skala Preview menu hides Skala Preview.

Does Skala View work with AirPlay? #

It certainly does. So, you could use a Mac, an iPhone, and an Apple TV to beam your design edits onto a TV screen in a different room, while your client yells comments back. Or, I guess you could just use a Mac, a TV and an iPad with an HDMI adaptor and skip AirPlay altogether. Or not. Actually, this entire idea sounds horrible.