Skala Preview and Illustrator

Skala Preview can work with Illustrator in a couple of different ways. If Skala Preview is set to Send All Images on Clipboard, then anything you copy in Illustrator will get sent to your connected iOS devices.

Alternatively, you can also drag most image files to Skala Preview’s window. Skala Preview does support Illustrator native .ai files, provided they are saved with the Create PDF Compatible File option turned on.

Sending artboards #

Skala Preview sends the first artboard. This is because we use macOS’s built in support for Illustrator files. If you’d like to send a different artboard, please reorder your artboards so the one you’d like to send is at the top of the artboards list in Illustrator, and resave your file.

Known issues with Illustrator CS6 #

Illustrator CS6 only exports the clipboard when the app quits. This means Skala Preview can’t see what’s on your Illustrator clipboard, and can’t send it to an iOS device. We’re looking for a solution, but for now it seems like the only way around this is to drag .ai files to Skala Preview.

It seems like this issue has been addressed in Illustrator CC 2015.