Skala Preview and the iOS Simulator

Skala Preview can be used to send images from the iOS Simulator to mobile devices. The easiest way to do this is via the clipboard.

Turn on clipboard sending in Skala Preview by choosing Transfer → Don’t Auto-send Clipboard, or from the Transfer button in the main window.

With Skala Preview connected to a mobile device, choose Edit → Copy Screen or press ⌃⌘C.

And, now you’ll have your current iOS Simulator screen, on your mobile device in Skala View.

Why would you do this? #

Maybe you don’t have a USB cable with you, and want to quickly check colours, physical UI size, or text readability on device.

Maybe you don’t have a paid iOS developer account, so you can’t build on device, and you want to see how your app looks in situ.

Maybe you want to check how your app looks with some common forms of colour blindness.

Maybe you want to see what an iOS app looks like on an Android device. That’s a bit silly though.