Using Personal Hotspot via USB

If you can, using Personal Hotspot via USB is a fast and reliable way to use Skala Preview with iOS devices.

Please note that Skala Preview 2 has native USB support, so you don’t need to set up Personal Hotspot to use USB — just plug in your iOS device to your Mac.

Setting it up Personal Hotspot #

Plug your iPhone, iPod or iPad in to a USB port on your Mac, then turn on Personal Hotspot in Settings → Personal Hotspot. You should now see a blue status bar on your iOS device, indicating that a connection via USB has been made.

Your Mac and iOS device can now talk to each other via USB, which is faster and more reliable than using Wi-Fi.

Ensuring internet is still via Wi-Fi #

With Personal Hotspot enabled, internet traffic for your computer may be routed via your iOS device, which may incur charges from your carrier.

To ensure your Wi-Fi or Ethernet is used for internet on your Mac, rather than your iOS device, change the priority in Network under System Preferences.

Personal Hotspot isn’t always available #

Personal Hotspot isn’t available on devices that don’t contain cell networking. Some carriers also require additional fees for Personal Hotspot or block it outright.