Skala Preview and Photoshop

Important note: Please double check the Remote Connection settings in Photoshop and Skala Preview — upgrading Photoshop may have cleared your settings.

Sending images in realtime #

This is awesome. If you use Photoshop CC, then this is the method we recommend using.

In Photoshop

  • Choose Remote Connections from the Edit menu.
  • Turn on Enable Remote Connections.
  • Enter a Service Name and Password. Please only use a-z and 0-9 (no punctuation).

In Skala Preview

  • Turn on Connect to Photoshop from the Transfer menu.
  • Choose Photoshop Settings from the Settings menu.
  • Enter the Service Name and Password you used previously and click ok.

The frontmost document in Photoshop will now be sent to your iOS device as you edit it. It’s also possible for Skala Preview to request a lower quality JPEG image from Photoshop before a full quality image. This can make updates appear quicker.

Sending image files #

With Skala Preview and Skala View connected, drag images to the Skala Preview window or Dock icon on your Mac, and they’ll appear on Skala View on your iOS device. A huge range of image formats are supported, including PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, TGA and some PSDs.

Skala Preview monitors dragged files — if you hit save, the file will be resent to your iOS device.

Sending images via the clipboard #

With Skala Preview and Skala View connected, copy images to the clipboard to send to your iOS device. Three settings for under the Transfer menu control how clipboard sending behaves.

  • Don’t Auto Send Clipboard — Doesn’t send any images on the clipboard.

  • Send iOS Sized Images on Clipboard — Automatically sends any iOS sized images that are copied to the clipboard.

  • Send All Images on Clipboard — Automatically sends all images that are copied to the clipboard, no matter what size they are.

Please note that Photoshop doesn’t export the clipboard until you switch to another app (we assume this is done for performance reasons). To preview your mock up on your iOS device, you’ll need to copy your entire canvas to the clipboard, then switch to another app. If you have our Photoshop Actions installed, there’s one for copying the entire canvas to the clipboard, so sending an image from Photoshop is as easy as running the action, then pressing command-tab or clicking on the desktop to switch apps.

Colours from Photoshop don’t match my final app — what gives? #

Please set up Photoshop according to this article and everything will be fine: Colour management and UI design.

Why does sending PSD files result in an all white image? #

In Photoshop, if Maximize PSD and PSB File Compatibility is set to Always (under File Handling in Preferences), then Photoshop will generate a composite image of your document when it is saved. This is used by macOS in QuickLook and other apps, including Skala Preview.

However, if Image Previews is set to Never Save, then your PSDs will not contain previews and they won’t be able to be viewed by QuickLook, Preview, TextEdit or other macOS apps, including Skala Preview. This is a macOS and PSD thing, not a Skala Preview thing.

Saving image previews will make your PSDs bigger. Choose wisely.

Why are transparent areas of images sent via Photoshop white? #

We’re investigating this. Adding filled colour bottom layer to your document is a good workaround for now.