Skala Preview and Sketch

While not supported directly, Sketch can save many image formats that can be dragged to Skala Preview. PNG, TIFF and JPG can all be exported from Sketch and sent to your iOS or Android device using Skala Preview.

A Sketch plugin, called Sketch Preview, is also available. Please note that Sketch Preview was created by Marc Schwieterman and is not affiliated with Bjango.

Sketch Preview #

The Sketch Preview plugin exports the currently selected artboard from Sketch, and opens the resulting image in Skala Preview.

Auto Preview sends updates as changes are made on the canvas.

Sketch Preview can scale the preview, letting you design using iOS points or Android dp, but preview at the correct pixel resolution on the device itself. Sketch Preview’s settings can be found under the Plugins → Sketch Preview → Preview Setup menu item.

Known issues #

Turning on Auto Preview is causing issues for some people. When Auto Preview is turned on, the Sketch Preview plugin stops working. Deleting the configuration file will get Sketch Preview working again, but without automatic updates.

The configuration file can be found here: