Complication background updates

Apple Watch complications require Snowflake Plus for background updates. This is due to the larger amount of weather data used for background updates, which significantly increases costs. For more information, please read our help document on Snowflake Plus.

Syncing your subscription #

If the Apple Watch complication isn’t updating automatically after purchasing Snowflake Plus, please open the Snowflake Apple Watch app and open Snowflake on your iPhone. Then go to the settings tab and tap Apple Watch, then Synchronize. The button will be blue when both apps are open and connected.

Tapping Synchronize will ensure the watch app is aware of your purchase, so complications can update automatically.

Location #

For complications to update with your location, location access needs to be set to “Always” for Snowflake in the iOS Settings app. Otherwise, the location will only update when the watch app is opened.

If you would like to change your settings, please open the Settings app on your phone and navigate to Privacy › Location Services › Snowflake, or search for “Snowflake” in the Settings app.