Getting started with Snowflake

Thanks for spending some time to get more familiar with Snowflake. Snowflake is an incredibly detailed weather app, covering almost everything you could possibly want to know about current conditions and forecasts.

We use the world’s best weather data from The Weather Company, AccuWeather, Dark Sky, and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

Tabs #

Snowflake is separated into four main tabs: Home, current details, maps, and settings.

The home tab shows the current observations at the top, then an hourly forecast, and a daily forecast. The current details tab shows current observations, as well as the current sun and moon position and other relevant information for right now. The maps tab is where you’ll find rain radar and other maps. The settings tab contains lots of options to control how Snowflake looks and behaves.

Privacy #

Snowflake is privacy focused, with no ads, no analytics, and no creepy tracking. We see data collection as a liability, and the less we know about our customers, the better. For more information, please read our privacy policy and terms of use.

Snowflake Plus #

Snowflake can be used as a one-time purchase, or with the additional Snowflake Plus subscription. Snowflake Plus gives access to more features.

Tips and tricks #

Snowflake includes some pro features that may not be apparent when first using the app.

  • Long pressing on the home tab bar icon shows a list of recently used locations.
  • Tapping on the home tab bar icon when you’re already on the tab scrolls back to now for the hourly forecast.
  • On the current details tab, tapping anywhere in the sunrise / moonrise area to toggles the remaining times and exact clock times.
  • Tapping on the map tab bar icon when you’re already on the tab pans to your current location.
  • Tapping on the settings tab bar icon when you’re already on the tab goes back to the settings root screen.