iStat View for iOS version history


2 December 2017


5 August 2017


3 November 2016


27 October 2016


24 October 2016

Entirely new apps

iStat 3 for iOS has been almost entirely rewritten, with a new, easier to use user interface. iStat 3 for Mac is entirely new. Both apps also feature new icons.

Better support for OS specific features

The stats interface is now better customized for OS specific features found in macOS, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and other OSs.

iStat Server

All three iStat Server apps (Mac, Windows and Linux) have been drastically overhauled to support more stats, history graphs and many other OS specific features.

Network tools and other improvements

iStat 3 also adds the handy network tools, ping and traceroute. iCloud syncing has been improved. Many other smaller aspects of iStat have been improved, too.